1.) I want a moonmug, but don’t want expose myself, is there a way to hide my address?
We thought about it and really don’t want to give anyone a disadvantage.
In the Spirit of DEFI we accept following Terms for Delivery:
1.) Third Party Delivery: Provide us with an address of your friend/relatives
2.) P.O. Box Delivery
3.) Any Name (Just not sthg like Bucks Bunny or Moonkey 😅)
Please note, that we have zero interest in connecting any Wallets to addresses!
2.) What’s the expected delivery time?
Our target is EVERY household, so we accept orders Wordwide.
We prefer to overdeliver, rather than to overpromise!
So, although most shipments will take less than a month to arrive, we set as delivery time of maximum of 30 days.
However, it can be that we deliver earlier if you are located in on of our distribution Centers in EU/USA/UK/South Africa
3.) Will there be any delivery costs?
NO! Our main goal is to cover the entire process, with 2 AVAX!
4.) 2 AVAX is a lot, Isn’t it?
No, it’s not!
On top of our inhouse designed art, we have a real physical product behind our project that we craft ourselves and pay attention to the very last detail of it!
The production and printing process, quality control, packaging and delivery require manpower which must be compensated. Price will adjust, depending on the current AVAX Market price.
5.) I didn’t received my MUG; what can I do?
Use our Support team and get in touch with us! We are more than happy to investigate your case and locate your MoonMug .
6.) Can I buy more than just one?
Yes, we don’t limit them! Fill your whole kitchen cupboard if you like !
7.) Will there be a Discount?
In the future we plan to introduce a discount system when large quantities are purchased/during special promotion events/ when product bundles (products from different collections) are purchased.
8.) Can I return my moonmug ?
No, we don’t offer a return policy, as each MoonMug is unique and crafted especially for each holder.
We view your MoonMug as a free edition matched to your unique NFT!
9.) Can you send the physical MUG as a gift and I keep the NFT ?
Your NFT won’t disappear when you claim a MUG, only the “CLAIM/ BURN” Option will not be available anymore once you have ordered your MUG.
We won’t match the delivery address you provide to your purchase, so yes; you can gift your MoonMug to yourself or whoever you care about!
9.) Where can I trade my moonmug ?
As our MoonMugs are at the same time common NFTs that we all know and love and you will be able to trade them over popular NFT trading platforms, like:
  • NFTrade
  • Kalao
  • Snowflake Market
  • Or any NFT trading site
10.) Where do you guys deliver?
We deliver WORLDWIDE! With no additional costs!
11.) From where to you ship?
We have decentralized distributions centers in EU/USA/ZA.. More locations will be added as our community will keep growing. However, all MoonMugs are crafted and produced in Switzerland and shipped over to our distribution centers in bulks if needed.
12.) How to look after my MoonMug ?
With a lot of love! It’s probably your first ever physical good connected to an NFT with awesome features!
MoonMug`s have a long lifecycle and can be washed thousand times in a normal dishwasher. Don’t worry!
Our MoonMugs are printed and produced according to the highest quality market standards, with a lot of love and passion! Please treat them as the unique goodies that they are !
13.) Guarantee
As our project idea is to provide a bridge between traditional goods and NFTs, a guarantee system for your physical good will be in place.
Share a post on Telegram and Twitter with your broken MoonMug and the story behind the ‚accident‘
With your next minting we will send you an additional MoonMug for free!
14.) Will there be any other products available in the near future?
Yes, we plan to extend our product line, with other useful physical goods tied to NFTs.
Our manufactory in Switzerland is capable to craft way more things, but in order to keep it simply we start with moonmug.
More Questions, Want to be part of the movement, grow with us; or just say hello ?
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