Your Access to DeMa, Launched 17-11-2021
Yes, DeMa was born with moonmug !
With your $MUG Coins you have access to DeMa; Decentralised Marketplace.
$MUG is our governance token and will be used as a currency within our Ecosystem in the future.
Investing in our coin brings additional benefits, such as
  • Access to exclusive products through our DeMa
  • Airdrops for $MUG Holder; in form of Products; Coins etc
  • Investment in DeMa; a rising Marketplace for physical products on AVAX.
Access to exclusive products:
Our goal is to include in our assortment everyday items that everyone knows and is familiar with, because these will serve our mission the most; spreading AVAX and NFTs
We will strive to include eye-catching products that will serve as a conversation starter.
Airdrops for $MUG Holder
Our community is always our top priority ! We have already proven this with our fairlaunch by having liquidity for our coin supplied out of nowhere.
The pairs that we have formed at the beginning, however, were intended only for our community, which consists of RUGPULL and RACEX, so the following pairs were founded at the beginning:
After that we added several other tokens.
The same will happen in the future, we will ALWAYS favour our community.
Airdrops of our peer projects will be done sporadically by us.
Also we will always airdrop our products to the community first before they are publicly available.
Investment in DeMi
Like you, we expect Crypto to grow day by day.
The integration of projects/businesses/schemes that work in "normal" life will be permanently tried to transfer into the nowadays called "Metaverse".
Just as JPEGs are currently being wrapped into NFTs, other objects are also gradually being linked to the "Metaverse" and
Moonmug is an example of this and only the beginning of what we call DeMa; Decentralised Marketplace
Behind an investment in moonmug is the belief not only in a rising coin price, but in a movement of the current century, in which companies will be managed by a Community which in the ends form to a DAO.
Our business is known to everyone and we all know that there is plenty of money to be made!
DeMa means that we all help each other and support each other for our good to satisfy everyone and be satisfied.